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 +====== Prof. Antoni Ligęza ​ ======
 +{{:​pub:​about_us:​ligeza.jpg?​width150px |Prof.A.Ligeza}}
 +**Antoni Ligeza, Professor** (<​>,​ [[http://​​ligeza|www]]) is a full professor in the domain
 +of computer science at the AGH University of Science and Technology at
 +Krakow, Poland. His principal area of investigation is Artificial
 +Intelligence and Knowledge Engineering. He lectures on knowledge
 +engineering,​ databases, Prolog, automated diagnosis, discrete mathematics
 +and logics. He is a member of ACM and IEEE Computer Society. He is author
 +and co-author of over 200 research publications,​ including international
 +conferences,​ journals, chapters in books. His recent book "​Logical
 +Foundations for Rule-Based Systems"​ was issued by Springer in 2006,it
 +covers issues ranging from logical bases, propositional,​ attributive and
 +first-order logics, through various forms
 +of rule-based systems to design and verification issues. It presents a
 +novel approach based on XTT (eXtended Tabular Trees) and ARD (Attribute
 +Relationship Diagrams) for efficient design and implementation of complex
 +rule-based systems. The XTT approach can be applied to develop the control
 +system for autonomous robots. It offers features like hierarchical control,
 +rule-based control, context-switching,​ backtracking,​ internal state
 +representation,​ and many other. The control algorithm can be verified for
 +completeness and consistency;​ it can be also easily extended and modified.
 +Antoni Ligeza actively participated in numerous national and international
 +projects (KBN, TEMPUS, POLONIUM); he was the head
 +of KBN-Regulus Project2, the Mirella Project on XTT (eXtended Tabular
 +Systsems) and recently HeKatE on hybrid knowledge engineering,​ and INDECT.
 +He was visiting professor and he worked in Denmark (Technical University of
 +Lyngby) 4 months, in France (LAAS of CNRS, Toulouse; University of Nancy I,
 +Nancy; CRIL Lens; University of Caen, Caen) for about two years in total
 +and in Spain (University of Balearic Islands, Palma de Mallorca; University
 +of Girona, Girona) for about one year.
 +Professor Antoni Ligeza developed theory for reverse plan generation
 +(backward planning) (Artificial Intelligence,​ 1990), the backward dual
 +resolution method for automated theorem proving and completeness
 +verification of rule-based systems (IJCAI'​93),​ methodology for verification
 +and design of rule-based systems based on the so-called psi-trees (ECAI
 +Workshop 1996), concepts of granular sets and granular relations
 +(AIMeth'​02,​ IIS (Internet Information Services)'​02,​ ANNIE'​03),​ attributive
 +granular logic (EMCSR'​06) and theory for tabular rule-based systems
 +(Springer, 2006). He also worked in areas such as Operational Research,
 +Control Theory, Decision Theory, Diagnostics,​ Databases, and many other. He
 +supervised numerous Ph.D. theses. He also serves as a reviewer for numerous
 +international conferences and journals.
 +Roman catholic, married (1980) with Ewa. Two daughters, Magdalena and 
 +Hobbies: martial arts (past), travels, nordic walking, logic, logic 
 +puzzles, demystification of magic tricks.
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