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 +====== Łukasz Łysik ======
 +{{:​pub:​about_us:​people:​lukasz_lysik.jpg |Łukasz Łysik}}
 +**Łukasz Łysik, MSc** (<​>,​ [[http://​​llysik|www]]) PhD student, cooperates as a 
 +research assistant at the AGH UST in Krakow, Poland, Department of 
 +In 2008-10 he was actively involved in the 
 +[[http://​|HeKatE]] project, where he was responsible for integration the XTT2 knowledge representation with Java. This was also a core  subject of his master thesis. ​
 +Since 2010 he has continued his education and research as PhD student and a member of the GEIST team.
 +====== More GEIST ======
 +-> Meet the [[start|whole team]].
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