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 ====== Szymon Bobek ====== ====== Szymon Bobek ======
-{{:pub:about_us:sbk-face.jpeg?200 |Szymon Bobek}}\\+{{:pub:about_us:sbk-face.jpg?200 |Szymon Bobek}}\\
-**Szymon Bobek, PhD** (<>, [[|www]]) holds a position of a  +**Szymon Bobek, PhD** (<>, [[|www]]) holds a position of an  assistant professor at the 
-research assistant at the AGH UST in Krakow, Poland, Department of  +Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland, 
-Applied Computer Science+Faculty of Physics, Astronomy and Applied Computer Science
- +
-After graduation from the university in 2009 he has continued his  +
-education and research as a member of the GEIST team. +
- +
-His main reaserch interests are: machine learning and ambient intelligence. +
- +
-In his free time he likes reading, rock climbing, and programming.+
 +He received his degree PHD at AGH UST in 2016 in the field of Computer
 +Science (Artificial Intelligence) and science then he works as a member
 +of GEIST research team.
 +His main research interests are: explainable AI,  data mining and
 +knowledge engineering.
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