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 +====== Dr. Slawomir Nowaczyk ======
 +{{:​pub:​about_us:​people:​snw-face-mini.png |dr S.Nowaczyk}}
 +**Slawomir Nowaczyk, PhD** (<​>,​
 +[[http://​​nowaczyk|www]]) holds a position of associate
 +professor in AGH UST in Krakow, Poland, Department of Automatics. He has
 +received his MSc degree from Poznan University of Technology, Poland, in
 +2002 for a thesis "​Decision support based on analytical learning"​ and
 +his PhD degree from Lund University, Sweden, in 2008 for a thesis
 +"​Conditional Partial Plans for Rational Situated Agents Capable of
 +Deductive Reasoning and Inductive Learning"​.
 +He has been one of the lead developers in the
 +[[http://​​|SIARAS]] project, and is also involved in
 +[[http://​|HeKatE]] and
 +[[http://​|INDECT]] projects. He is the author of over
 +[[http://​​~nowaczyk/​research/​|20 publications]],​ and his
 +main research interests focus on combining planning, learning and
 +deduction in the setting of rational agents operating in dynamic and
 +partially unknown environments.
 +His hobbies include sailing, Magic: the Gathering trading card game,
 +bridge, fantasy and science fiction literature.
 +====== More GEIST ======
 +-> Meet the [[start|whole team]].
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