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-====== Projects ======+ 
 +====== ​GEIST Research ​Projects ======
 The group has been involved in number of research projects. ​ The group has been involved in number of research projects. ​
-Since 2007 the group has been coordinating the HeKatE project, developing advanced knowledge representation and reasoning methods for intelligent systems, bridging knowledge and software engineering. ​ 
-Since 2008/9 it has been involved in the INDECT project coordinated by the DoT (see http://​ 
-  ​ 
 ===== Current projects ===== ===== Current projects =====
-{{topic>​current_project}}+==== PACMEL ==== 
 +[[.pacmel:​start|Read more on Pacmel]]
 ===== Completed projects ===== ===== Completed projects =====
-{{topic>​completed_project}}+==== KnowMe ==== 
 +{{:​pub:​projects:​knowme:​knowme-logo.png?​w100 |}} 
 +[[.knowme:​start|Read more on KnowMe]] 
 +which is a 20 months long NCN Preludium 7 project started in 2015-01. 
 +The goal of the project is to propose methods for knowledge modelling and mediation in mobile context-aware systems, to support a user in adapting the system to his or her personal preferences and habits, and to improve management of uncertain and incomplete knowledge. 
 +See [[http://​|the official project webpage at:]] 
 +==== Prosecco ==== 
 +{{:​pub:​projects:​prosecco:​prosecco-logo.png?​direct&​w100 |}} 
 +[[.prosecco:​start|Read more on Prosecco]] 
 +which is a 32 months long NCBR PBS project started in 2012-12. 
 +The goal of the project is to address the needs and constraints of small and medium enterprises (SME) by designing methods that will significantly improve their Business Process Management systems. 
 +See [[http://​|the official project webpage at:]] 
 +==== SaMURaI ==== 
 +{{pub:​projects:​samurai:​samurai-logo.png?​direct&​w80 |}} 
 +[[.samurai:​start|Read more on SaMURaI]],​ 
 +which is a 24 months long NCN project started in 2012-09. 
 +The main objective of the project is 
 +the development of a  
 +//Semantic Method for Unified Rules Interoperability in Knowledge-Based Systems//​. 
 +==== HiBuProBuRul ==== 
 +{{:​pub:​projects:​hibuproburul:​hibuproburul-logo-transparent.png?​direct&​w100 |}} 
 +[[.hibuproburul:​start|Read more on HiBuProBuRul]],​ 
 +which is a 24 months long NCN project started in 2012-09. 
 +The main objective of the project is 
 +the development of a 
 +//​Methodology for designing Hierarchical Business Processes integrated with Business Rules//. 
 +==== INDECT ==== 
 +{{:​pub:​projects:​indect:​indect-logo.png?​direct&​w120 |}} 
 +[[.indect:​start|Read more on GEIST participation INDECT]], 
 +which is a large EU collaboration project coordinated by [[http://​​|Department of Telecommunications of AGH]]. 
 +The aim of the project is the development of an 
 +intelligent information system supporting observation,​ searching and detection for security of citizens in urban environment. 
 +See [[http://​​|the official project webpage at:]] 
 +==== Parnas ==== 
 +{{:​pub:​projects:​parnas:​parnas-logo.png?​w100 |}}  
 +**[[.:​parnas:​start|Read more on Parnas]]**, which was a 18 month long NCN project on // tools for inference control and quality analysis in modularized rulebases//​. 
 +See [[http://​|the project webpage at:]] 
 +==== BIMLOQ ==== 
 +{{:​pub:​projects:​bimloq:​bimloq-logo-transparent.png?​w140 |}}  
 +**[[.bimloq:​start|Read more on BIMLOQ]]**, which was 32 month long NCN project on //business models and processes optimization for quality//​. 
 +See [[http://​|the project webpage at:]] 
 +==== HeKatE ==== 
 +{{:​pub:​projects:​hekate:​hekatelogo.png?​direct&​w60 |}}  
 +**[[.hekate:​start|Read more on HeKatE]]**, which was a 30 month long NCN project on //hybrid knowledge engineering methodology for knowledge-based systems//​. 
 +See [[http://​|the project webpage at:]]
 +===== Related projects =====
 +The members of the group were involved in several projects.
 +Selected projects include:
 +=== Adder ===
 +//ID//: KBN 4 T11C 035 2\\
 +//​Timeline//:​ 2005→2006\\
 +//Leader//: Tomasz Szmuc\\
 +//Principal investigators from GEIST//: Marcin Szpyrka, Antoni Ligęza, Grzegorz J. Nalepa\\
 +//​Objective//:​ research on formal methods in design of correct real-time and embedded systems, including rule-based systems\\
 +//GEIST members'​ contribution//:​ methods and tools for design and analysis of rule-based security systems\\  ​
 +[[http://​​~adder/​|Adder webpage:​~adder]]
 +=== Mirella ===
 +//ID//: KBN 4 T11C 027 24\\
 +//​Timeline//:​ 2003→2004\\
 +//​Scientific adviser//: Antoni Ligęza\\
 +//Principal investigator//:​ Grzegorz J. Nalepa\\
 +//​Objective//:​ proposal of an integrated process of visual design, formal analysis and implementation of rule-based expert systems, supported by a CASE tool, preparation of a PhD thesis: Meta-Level Approach to Integrated Process of Design and Implementation of Rule-Based Systems\\
 +[[http://​|Mirella webpage:]]
 +=== Regulus ===
 +//ID//: KBN 8 T11C 019 17\\
 +//​Timeline//:​ 1999→2001\\
 +//Leader//: Antoni Ligęza\\
 +//Principal investigators from GEIST//: Antoni Ligęza, Grzegorz J. Nalepa\\
 +//​Objective//:​ development of formal methods for knowledge representation and engineering in artificial intelligence\\
 +[[http://​|Regulus webpage:]]
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