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 ===== XAILA 2019 at Jurix 2019 ===== ===== XAILA 2019 at Jurix 2019 =====
 +==== Workshop Schedule ====
 +Location: **The next building after registration,​ Room 27, 2nd floor**
 + 9:30- 9:45 XAILA Chairs - Workshop Opening\\
 + ​9:​45-10:​10 Francesco Sovrano, Fabio Vitali and Monica Palmirani: //The difference between Explainable and Explaining: requirements and challenges under the GDPR//\\
 +10:10-10:35 Grzegorz J. Nalepa, Michał Araszkiewicz,​ Slawomir Nowaczyk and Szymon Bobek: //Building Trust to AI Systems Through Explainability. Technical and legal perspectives//​\\
 +10:35-11:00 Break\\
 +11:00-11:45 //Invited talk:// María Jesús González-Espejo,​ [[https://​institutodeinnovacionlegal.com/​|Instituto de Innovacion Legal]]: //{{ :​xaila:​xaila2019-talk-iil_presentation_v1.pdf |Drivers for Adopting Legal AI}}//\\
 +11:45-12:10 Oana Ichim: //​Counterintuitive reasoning as non-functional design in the field of human rights adjudication//​\\
 +12:10-12:35 Ramon Ruiz-Dolz, José Alemany, Stella Heras and Ana Garcia-Fornes:​ //Automatic Generation of Explanations to Prevent Privacy Violations//​\\
 +12:35-13 00 Michal Klincewicz and Lily Frank: //Emerging ethical and legal issues in healthcare machine learning//​\\
 +13:00       ​Lunch\\
 ==== Organizers ====  ==== Organizers ==== 
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