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 +====== Michał Wypych ======
 +{{:​pub:​about_us:​mwp-face.jpeg?​200 |Michał Wypych}}\\
 +**Michał Wypych, MSc ** (<​>,​ [[http://​​mwypych|www]]) holds a position of a research assistant at the AGH UST in Krakow, Poland, Department of Applied Computer Science.
 +He received his MSc degree in Computer Science at AGH UST and BSc degree in Astronomy at Jagiellonian University in 2012. His main field of research is formal methods. He is involved in the [[http://​http://​​|Alvis]] project since 2012.
 +====== More GEIST ======
 +-> Meet the [[pub:​about_us:​start|whole team]].
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